I am not sure I play well enough to attend an event like this. Will it happen again next year?

This camp is designed for beginner to intermediate players. Even more advanced players will find opportunities to learn something new. Mostly, this camp is intended for those who think they are not good enough.  Remember, we call it “playing” music for a reason: because we intend it to be fun! If you have the interest, and are willing to be patient with yourself, you are ready, and we want you to attend.  Yes, we hope this will become an annual event, and your participation will encourage us to do this again. It is our hope to rotate about half of the instructors each year, and have them teach different things each year, in order to keep the experience fresh and challenging.

How can I be sure of getting the classes I want?

This year we’re doing something a little different. There are single session classes of 1.5 to 2 hours in length, single session classes that repeat the next day, and two-part classes that run 1.5 to 2 hours both days. Each student will choose the classes they want to take –  between 6 and 8 hours of instruction in total. You can wait until after hearing the instructors do brief presentations on Friday night before deciding which classes you want. Sign-up sheets will be posted at that time.
We will not limit the size of classes.  We are optimistic that there is enough variety, appealing to a broad range of skill levels, so that class sizes will be reasonably balanced and manageable.  If you are drawn to more than one class in the same time slot, consider using the buddy system – you attend one class, your friend attends the other, and you can get together after the weekend to share what you have learned.  If it looks like there may be 20 students in the class that is your first choice and only 3 in your second choice, you might consider the advantages of being in a smaller class.
Experience at other camps has shown that people often choose particular classes when they register, then change their minds after seeing the instructor demonstrations on Friday evening, when they have more information on which to base their choices.
We will limit total registrations to 50, so with 6 classes running at a time, we expect most classes to have between 6 and 10 students. The diversity of classes and range of skill levels and interests makes it very unlikely that any class will draw more than half of the students, so all class sizes will be manageable.

What if I go to a class, and find it either too easy or too hard for me?

No problem – simply slip out quietly, and slip into another class.  The instructors will not take this personally.

Can I bring my electric instrument and amplifier?  

No!  This is an acoustic music camp. The only exception will be that a few small bass amps will be allowed, only because the acoustic bass is a relatively quiet instrument, with a sound that is easily overpowered by other instruments.  Workshop organizers and instructors will reserve the right to turn basses down if necessary to maintain a proper balance of volume.

Can I sign up for just one class?  

It is not possible to register for only one class. Part of the magic of workshops like this is the experience of being immersed in music for the whole weekend.

What about the student concert?

The student concert will be held on Saturday night.  You do not have to perform, however all camp participants are strongly encouraged to attend. Only registered participants, camp staff, and volunteers will be allowed to attend. Each student has an opportunity to perform one song. You are welcome, in fact encouraged, to invite other attendees to back you up. Classes are also encouraged to sign up as a group. Instructors will not perform at the student concert, however you may invite any of the instructors to be part of your backup band. (instructors will be encouraged to limit how many times they perform, and where possible, will encourage the performer to  get other students to back them up.)

Is the camp open to children?

This camp is geared for adults, however, it is open to students 14 and older. Parents should be aware that the jam sessions and student concert on Saturday night may run late, and should be prepared to pick their children up. Younger children may attend if accompanied by an adult.

Will the camp offer any guitar classes for complete beginners?

Like most other music camps of this nature, we do not offer guitar classes for complete beginners. We intend this camp as an opportunity to live, eat, sleep, and breathe music for a few days, and it would be easy for a complete beginner to have blistered fingers by the end of the weekend. That might discourage a person from playing for the next week or two, so it’s not the recommended way to get started. That said, we don’t expect any particular level of proficiency. If you already know about a half dozen chords and arrive eager to learn, we believe you will benefit from attending this camp. We do offer a ukulele class for beginners, as that instrument is much easier on the hands and fingers. Anything you learn on the ukulele can be transferred to the guitar later on.

What should I bring to camp?

In addition to your instrument, you might want to bring a spare set of strings, a tuner, pen, notebook, and a capo if you have one. A small audio or video recording device may be helpful. Please ask permission before recording other people. Please do not bring alcohol, recreational drugs, or pets to this event.

Can my friends or family attend the student concert?

This is a closed camp, so attendance at any and all portions of the event will be limited to registered participants, organizers, and instructors. We want to create a safe and supportive environment in which all participants can feel comfortable playing, singing, sharing, and expressing themselves in the presence of others, and having outsiders drop in can disrupt this atmosphere.

What are your COVID protocols?

No proof of COVID vaccination is required by the camp or our host facility to attend the fall RAMCamp.  At the time of registration on July 15, wearing face masks is not required, but masks are welcomed and will be respected should someone choose to wear one. We recognize COVID guidelines/protocols from the B.C. Centre for Disease Control.

Please find below a waiver that each camp attendee must accept and agree to as part of their registration process:

By virtue of registering for and attending this camp, you acknowledge and agree to:

I agree that by participating in the Rossland Acoustic Musical fall 2022 camp, I am voluntarily assuming all risks related to COVID-19, including exposure to and contracting of COVID-19.  I agree that I shall not hold RAMCamp, its volunteer directors and any persons contracted by the organization, the host facility, RAMCamp registrants and volunteers, or any other persons liable for any damages, loss, risk or injury related to COVID-19, including exposure to or the contracting of COVID-19.

I am aware that failure to comply with the event’s COVID-19 policies and/or other safety protocols and those of the host facility, the B.C. Centre for Disease Control, or any other party imparting such rules will result in a warning and/or removal from the event at the discretion of event organizers. Refunds will not be issued if removed from the event for failure to comply with COVID-19 safety protocols.

What is the cost to attend the camp?

The cost for an adult is $150, and there is an early bird rate of $125 if paid no later than September 7.  The student rate is $100. We are offering a family rate of $300.

When can I register?

Registrations open July 15, 2022.